Sunday, March 28, 2010

Positives = Negatives!

In motorcycling most all positives have their own group of negatives. Here's an example. If you're practicing (like you should be) soon you will start noticing just how fast you can get your bike stopped. In fact you should be able to stop in half the distance of a car and even less than that for a truck. Now that's a major positive right? At least until that plumbing truck behind punts you into the county! This also illustrates the importance of perfect practice. As you practice your hard stops. Are you stopping at different speeds? Are you down shifting to first? Better be. Are you checking your mirrors? I sure hope so. Another example of positives = negatives. Your the lead vehicle at a light. Light turns green ya blow that seen! Right? I mean its easy. Your bike weighs so much less than all the cars that surround you That she'll pull away like the all new F-35 Raptor. A major positive! Except of course when you consider that guy. what guy am I referring to? The same guy that we've all been. The one that at this very moment is careening towards a traffic light near you. And though he's approaching that light way to fast his attention is not on the traffic that's waiting to cross his path. No its locked solid on the traffic light its self. It just turned yellow I can make it. Ok its red. But its only been red for a second! I've got a date! I'm late for work! I've got to get to court! See now you're on a vehicle that easily puts you in harm's way. So please, Take that extra second or even two to look for that guy. Remember a green light is nothing more than an invitation. So look twice and save a life. I'm talking about yours.